Recharge Recap

This is a first for me! Not just taking time off, but taking intentional time off to do more than rest my body. Obviously the idea of recovery days are nothing new, but after doing a new strength training program for 5 weeks, I decided it was time to take a week off to recharge. Not just "not work out", but actively invest in destressing my body and mind to actually get the benefits of all the work I've been putting it through, both mentally and physically. I swapped my intense training for activities to make me feel mentally and physically refreshed, recharged and re-centered. 

But I decided to take it a step further; I took an entire weekday to take care of myself in the way that works best for me. And it was a game changer. 

I read a definition that says self-care can be either a treatment for a current illness or an act to improve health. I used to only participate in the type of self-care that resulted after a grueling day (cue glass of wine and a hot tub). I never experimented with preventative self-care. 

So I decided to take a personal day. I've been stressed, but not run into the ground stressed. All in all, life is at a high point right now and I'm able to juggle most things fairly easily on most days. So why take the day? 

To stay that way. To ensure that I'm taking steps to stay in this peak of high functioning productivity and happiness for as long as I can. Because everything is temporary and we will all have times in life where it becomes truly overwhelming. So, maybe, if we take steps to promote a healthy mind and body when we're at our best, we can more easily carry that mindset over when we're struggling. 

Everything takes practice, including taking care of ourselves. If we only do so when we're not feeling our best, how are we supposed to expect ourselves to get better?

Now, self-care will look 100% different for everyone. I realized not everyone can drop the dime for a facial or massage, but I received a gift card for my birthday that I fully intended on cashing in on.

I spent Wednesday night getting a much needed facial, followed by a full body massage and holy cow. Did I feel relaxed. I was basically radiating peace and joy and rainbows. It was AMAZING! 

I'm interested: What is your version of self-care? Does it matter to you? Does it seem too entitled or narcissistic? There's definitely mixed opinions on the popularity currently surrounding self-care. Let me know in the comments! 

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