Fear Tactics Used in Health and Wellness

I'mr realizing more and more that the health industry is just like every other industry out there. It grows based on keeping us in fear. 

In fear of that secret intolerance we didn't know we had, or the deficiency a loosely connected group of symptoms may or may not indicate. And we as consumers feed on that fear, we pay for the apps and the tools to make sure that we are in fact gluten intolerant and that we do have Cron's or Hashmito's or PCOS or something. 

Something. Anything. I just want to know that I am in fact special and different and that my body is a unique flower. SO unique in fact, that even my doctor or myself can't understand and be in tune with it. I need this breathalyzer to tell me EXACTLY what I can and cannot eat. 

We've been convinced that we need a user manual for ourselves. 

While there have been many strides in the world of health, more focus on eating a plant based diet, less boozing, more sleep, all that...there are some seriously glaring marketing gimmicks happening that just slammed into my brain like a ton of bricks. 

Any kind of messaging that begins with "Learn how this person discovered they had disease XYZ" or "Are you suffering from X deficiency/disease/illness?"...just read carefully. Take everything with a grain of salt. Because I can tell you from my friends that DO have Cron's and that DO have diagnosed adrenal disorders and that DO have IBS and IBD...there's nothing to figure out. 

All these tools and gimmicks are most likely not going to tell you that you're sick and secretly dying. They're going to tell you, for a cool $200, that yes, that ice cream DOES in fact give you gas. Now you'll be able to attach a specific degree of intolerance to it! Wow, I mean wow. That is just incredible. We've basically cured cancer. 

It's a free market and you can buy what you want, but I write this with a tone of anger and resentment because I know I was tricked for a little while into thinking that I needed these things in order to know IF I was healthy. 

Put your health in good hands--your OWN. Spend time getting to know your own body! So many of us move through life completely unaware of what's going on inside. Why do you think mindfulness has taken wellness by storm? There is something to be said for really focusing inward, noticing how you feel after you eat certain foods, committing to sleeping more, moving more, etc.

And please, please don't waste your money on tools that just play to a trend. Work with a real doctor. One that paid for real education. Find an allergist and get a test covered by insurance or payment plans if you think you have food allergies. Or change your diet on your own terms and record what happens. 

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT think that a gadget or a pill or a plan that an "Instagram Influencer" made will make you healthier though. It will not rid your body of any and every disease. It will not tell you are you secretly dying or suffering in a way you did not notice before. 

Be smart. Be critical. Think critically about things that claim to make everything better. 

At the end of the day, I my biggest hope and goal is that you are happy, healthy and well-informed! 

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