Goals Check: The Fall Reset

Not to get too hippie on you, but the beginning of fall is marked by the Fall Equinox, a time that can produce similar feelings to that of the New Year: assessing where you’re at, evaluating goals, letting go of things that aren’t serving you any longer and taking up new things that do.

So I’ll ask: where are you at with your year? We all set some sort of goals when the first dawn broke on 2018, shiny and new and full of “the best year ever” thoughts. Take account of the things that fell to the wayside—there's a reason you didn't accomplish them. Not necessarily for lack of trying or effort, but maybe, just maybe, those goals didn't really matter to you. 

Maybe you said that you wanted to start reading a book every month, but things just kept getting in the way. Did they? Or did you not have a strong enough reason why you wanted that? If we don't have a strong "Why?" behind our goals, then when things come up (as they always, always will), it will be so much harder to push through. 

As a former (and still occasional) perfectionist, the idea of not attaining a goal was unacceptable. Perfection or bust. But now, I see the bigger picture.

It’s all about the process: setting goals, failing, digging into WHY they failed, assessing progress made or lack thereof and using aaaaaaall of that information to make educated decisions moving forward.

And ironically, that is my new definition of a “perfect” year. A year in which I make incredibly lofty goals and fail at nearly every one of them! We all know the saying, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” I’m all about the #readysetgoals life but the real triumph is embracing and adjusting goals based on the failures, triumphs and lessons that come along the way.


So enjoy this season of reflection, begin new things, release the old, but most importantly, enjoy the journey ❤️