Courage Challenge

What’s the one thing you’ve been too afraid to do?

One time, I went skydiving. See below.


As you can see, IT WAS VERY SCARY. However, I loved every second of it and had wanted to do it for a long time. So this, happy, screaming fear that you see above, is not the kind of fear I am talking about.

I’m talking about the kind of fear that keeps you from living the life you really want. For me, my true fear was this blog.

I was so afraid of people actually reading my words, knowing how deeply I felt about things, judging my story and my struggle that I didn’t even bother trying. I knew I desperately wanted to do something, but I was too afraid.

Finally, with encouragement from a friend, I began and while there’s definitely been ups and downs, I’m so thankful for that push because my fear is nothing compared to the overwhelming good that has come from starting, despite my fears.

Women (and men) have reached out sharing their stories of ED and anxiety, asking for support with their nutrition, interest in taking up martial arts themselves. I’ve been able to direct people to BetterHelp and take the steps they need to care for their mental health. I’ve been able to help women who struggle with self-worth and body image and so much more. Keeping up with this blog, being brutally honest with myself and with you, has been the most rewarding experience of my life. And fear would have kept me from experience all of that.

It took courage then and it takes courage now, every time I write something that scares me. Every time I share something and think, “That’s too much, too personal, too real.”

But a friend challenged me to be courageous with the thing I was most afraid of, to share my story and trust that effort would be worth the fear. And he was right.

Will you face your fear?

So tell me, what’s the thing you want so badly but are afraid to try?

Is it a new career? Is it a conversation with someone you love? Is it a big, potentially risky purchase? I’m not sure and it could be a thousand different things.

Whatever it is, I challenge you to go for it. To take a leap of faith and see it through. Because while you may feel like you’re falling through the sky for a bit, you’ll always land safely on the ground, and chances are, you’ll be so glad you tried.