Fall Fitness Challenge

I love challenges. Even if it’s just a personal challenge, it gets my competitive fire burning. So when a local gym I go to announced an October class challenge, it should come as no surprise that I overhauled my day to day schedule in order to WIN AT ALL COSTS…. jk jk but I am doing everything I can to complete the challenge!

That being said, LET’S TALK FITNESS CHALLENGES! I don’t encourage overtraining but I DO encourage short challenges to see if maaaaybe you could push yourself just a little more than you normally do.

So since I’m doing a challenge for the month of October, here are some fitness challenges that anyone at any fitness level can add in for 30 days!

Choose Your Challenge

The (not-so) Flexy Femme

Maybe you sit all day (#deskjoblife), have an injury, or are just not a naturally flexible person: let’s stretch it out. For your challenge, try this on for size:

  • Good-Morning Flow: Spend the first 20 minutes of your day moving through a gentle, full body sequence to get the blood moving and start to increase your overall flexibility and mobility. You can find more on my Yoga, Stretching & Recovery page!

The (Wannabe) Cardio Queen

You’ve said it for months now, “I’m going to run in the morning!” … Aaaand another day passes, another mile has *not* been run. Let’s try something different to increase your cardiovascular strength and still hit snooze:

  • Tabata Time: Use the stopwatch on your phone or download a free stopwatch app. Set the timer for 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds work. Move as fast as you can during that 20 seconds—no cheating! Your heart and lungs will be pumping in no time, trust me. Choose your own moves or use one below! Check out my Home & Gym Workouts page for more of my favorites.


The Strong (Willed) Siren

You don’t need nobody for nothing but when it’s time to open that jar of pickles, you may as well smash it against the wall because, in the midst of kicking ass and taking names, you’ve missed out doing your strength training. Get full-body strength and save further pickle jars from destruction:

  • No-Gym, No-Problem: Start out with body weight exercises; if they’re too easy, add dumbbells! You can always increase resistance but give yourself a solid foundation and work up from there. Try this 30-minute at-home workout to start!

Set Your Schedule

Now that you’ve selected the challenge that fits your lifestyle or fitness goals, PLAN FOR SUCCESS!

Do you want to stretch daily? Add strength once a week? Cardio twice a week? The choice is yours but here are my recommendations:

  • Stretching: No parameters—do it daily or even multiple times a day!

  • Cardio: Start out with twice a week and work up to as many as 6 days a week, depending on your current fitness level!

  • Strength: Start our with twice a week and be sure to take one day off between strength workouts, working up to no more than 4 days a week.


And finally, be sure to let me know on Instagram or Facebook if you’re creating your own fitness challenge for the month of October!! Good luck and I know you can rise to whatever challenge you set!