It's time to change your narrative

"I'm not that kind of person."  "I don't do that." "I could never XYZ."

During college, I was not a morning person and there was no way of convincing me otherwise. It was true too, I moved a class back a semester because one week in, I realized I was NOT going to be making it to Chemistry by 8am. Dropped that one reeeaaal quick. 

So that became a part of me--a concrete identifier. "Brown hair, loud, not a morning person."


Fast forward to the year 2018, college is but a faint memory and flying cars are still only in the Jetsons. And I LOVE MORNINGS. Que?!

But this didn't happen by accident. I loved working out after work, it's been a great way to destress from my day, but it was limiting how much I was able to do with my day. I couldn't play with my dog, I couldn't hang out with anyone or run errands or really much of anything since I was leaving straight from work to go to the gym. And if I was training (versus just working out), that could easily mean two hours in the gym, meaning I might not walk through the door till 9pm. 

I knew morning workouts were an option but..."I'm not a morning person."

And while college me had the luxury of just pushing a class back a semester, late-twenties me does not have such flexibility. I knew I wanted more from my day and I wanted more time. I've shared my tips on time management in the past; after a couple years of doing the same thing, I knew it was time to try something new.

Meaning: I needed to try morning workouts. The belief that I couldn't do mornings was holding me back; it was time to change the narrative. 

Instead of just forcing myself to think, "I am a morning person, hooray!", I slowly eased myself into it. I started waking up at 6:45 for a week. Then 6:30. Then 6. Once I had enough time to actually fit a workout in, I started taking the dog for a walk before work. Then, the final push: morning workout classes.

I signed up for my first 6am workout in YEARS. And it took some adjusting, but I quickly realized that even if I'm not innately inclined to rise before the sun, I can become a version of myself that supports my lifestyle goals more. 

Taylor Guido

Now I'm working out at 5:30am and loving it, not because it's suddenly fun to wake up this early, but because I get more life in my day. 

Ask yourself:

  1. What do you need more of?
  2. What beliefs about yourself are keeping you from achieving those needs?
  3. What can you stop or start doing today to move towards a change?