#FightingForFood: Play with Carbs

The fourth pillar of my Female Athlete Nutrition series is aaaallll about my favorite macro of all time: CARBS 😍


Same, Oprah. Same. 

However, as you're trying to figure out a way of eating that works for you, it's really important that you experiment. I know that sounds scary, but no one else lives in your body but you. So no one else is qualified to tell you exactly what and how much to eat. Yes, people with proper training can give you some guidelines, tell you what has worked for others and give you the science of how your body burns calories--but at the end of the day, you have to put in the detective work. 

Carbs are a hot button issue in nutrition. People live on both ends of the spectrum, some flourishing on a low carb (ketogenic, Atkins, Paleo, *insert latest trendy name here*) and some people feel their best on a high carb (athletic performance, plant based, etc.) diet. None are better than the other--there is only what's better for you

So that being said, sometimes it's nice to just know where to start! The best decisions are based on data--so start gathering yours! If you haven't been tracking your macros and calories, sign up for a free site like MyFitnessPal and just track what and how much you're eating for about a week. That should give you a good baseline to answer some key questions: how many carbs am I currently eating? How do I feel? 

And as annoyingly simple as it is, start making changes and asking yourself those two questions. Rinse. Repeat. And figure out what number makes you feel, look and/or perform the best!

It's so so so so so so so understanding to want someone to just TELL YOU THE MAGIC NUMBER but the truth is that there is no magic number. There's your body, your metabolism, your activity level, your hormones, your stress level, your sleep and therefore, only YOUR way of eating. It takes patience and dedication, but if you start investigating what works for you now, you'll set the foundation for intuitive eating in the future!