#FightingForFood: Phase Out the Junk

So we've started eating more by adding in healthy, filling, wholesome foods! New habits have been established, you feel satisfied by your meal choices and are able to get through your workouts. For some people, that's enough--and that's fine! If you want to stop there, I'd pat you on the back and say job well done for adding something beneficial to your life. 

However, if part of your goal is to either lean out or increase your performance, you can take it to another level: removing less than ideal foods or habits from your life. 

Keep in mind that "unhealthy" and "healthy" are defined completely by YOU. Sometimes, when I've had a stressful day, I drink a diet Dr. Pepper because it makes me feel good. I'm keeping that habit because I know it works for me: I don't finish the DDP and spiral into other behaviors that don't support my goals like snacking on candy. But when that 3pm candy craving does come (and I know it will)? I make an effort to bring healthy snacks that I can grab instead because I know that eating too much candy doesn't line up with my personal healthy goals.*** 

***RANT--Let's talk health goals for a minute: you will NOT hear me say or see me write "good habits" or "bad habits". Good and bad are both wildly subjective and connotative of worth. This isn't about your worth, it's about creating a lifestyle that is in line with your personal health goals, whatever those may be. But to me, habits and goals do NOT need labels or some level of guilt or superiority tied to them. So figure out what YOUR version of healthy and unhealthy is by reflecting on what things make you feel healthy and in control and moving towards your goals and what things don't. End of rant***