#FightingForFood: Add in Healthy Foods

Guideline numero dos in the female athlete nutrition series : add in the good stuff. 

Just like eating more, I think the best way to supplement your new or current workout regimen is by giving yourself MORE TO RUN ON.

So instead of starving yourself (or the opposite, eating 3 juicy, burgers and calling it a day) start to add in healthy food!


Make one healthy habit your only nutritional focus. Maybe that's eating greens at every meal. Maybe that's adding in more fiber to your diet. You could start buying one new vegetable every week and learning new ways to cook it. Whatever you decide, don't take anything else away. ADD IN something healthy before you take away something less healthy. 

The key is to not feel like you're depriving yourself of the things you currently enjoy and start to add in NEW, healthy things that you also enjoy. 

REAL LIFE EXAMPLE: herbs. Fresh herbs are powerhouse foods. Cilantro helps rid the body of heavy metals, parsley helps balance hormones, basil fights inflammation, oregano (especially oregano oil) is a powerful anti-fungal and the list goes on and on. 

I've recently committed to adding in fresh herbs just a couple times a week. Adding them to smoothies, salad, cooked meats, with beans, whatever the situation calls for! No need to take something until adding in fresh herbs is second nature, something that I naturally do on a consistent basis. Once that's an establish part of my nutrition, I'll reevaluate my habits and see what isn't benefiting me as much as everything else. 

Keep is simple and keep it consistent, those are the keys to improving health and creating a way of eating that is both beneficial and second-nature!