Life in Lessons: First Quarter of 2018

In the buh-business world, we break things down in quarters. Why? Because the quarter is the most powerful cent. Just kidding, I have no idea why, but that's the way I look at the calendar now! 

Andy Dwyer and I have too much in common. 

Andy Dwyer and I have too much in common. 

So here are a few of the ~life lessons~ I learned from the first 3 MONTHS 😱 of 2018. 


I have the teal version because, teal is life. 

I have the teal version because, teal is life. 

In January, I bought a new planner called The Desire Map Planner. It takes a different approach to goal setting and challenges you to focus on the feeling that you're after--because in the end, every goal we achieve is really to make us feel a certain way. Proud, accomplished, peaceful, happy, whatever else. So with that in mind, I focused on three feelings core feelings I wanted to pursue in 2018:

Grounded. Connected. Challenged. 

Grounded: in truth, in reality, in possibility. 

Connected: to myself, to God, to my relationships, to my community. 

Challenged: to be more, to be less, to be vulnerable. 

One of the first things I committed to do to help me on this emotional-goal-quest was start a home yoga practice. I began a subscription to YogaGlo last year but really hadn't stayed consistent--until now. Every morning (or evening if the morning was too hectic), I did a 15-30min session. Nothing fancy or long, just something to help me stay consistent. January as a whole ended up being very challenging and grounding, a wonderfully complex (and at times, stressful) combination of emotions and experiences to kick the year off. 


The month in a moment (or two):  "The only way past it is through it." & "The grass is green where you water it."

I rolled into February fixated on happiness. I just want to be happy and feel like what I'm doing MATTERS. Familiar feeling, isn't it? I felt a lot of not so happy feelings that month, but when I looked back on what I'd done, I saw that the only way to truly move past feelings we don't like or thoughts we don't like isn't to ignore them but to experience them fully--and then let them go. It sucks and it's hard, but by letting myself really dig into why I was feeling upset, I saw that it was because I was constantly looking at what everyone else had. And wanting the heck out of it. Hence, in the words of Big Sean, the grass isn't greener on the other side, it's green where you water it. 


The month in a moment"Your thoughts create your reality."

That's all I wrote in my planner at the end of March. And that's truly a lesson I learned over and over again. Whether it be a positive or negative spin, how you think about a situation is what the situation becomes. ALL the meaning is what you give it. *Insert transcendental music here* I know, I know. I become more and more of a hippie with every passing breath, but I also feel far more grounded and connected to myself and my relationships because I now understand that perception is reality. 

So without sharing every mundane detail of life, that's what I've gathered so far in this latest year of life! An even quicker recap:

1. Emotional connection is the goal, we can build lives that get us closer to those feelings. 

2. When something is difficult, dig into it, "water" it, and watch it grow into something renewed. 

3. We all live in our own world. Make yours one you actually want to live in. 


What have you learned so far this year?

Share below!