Social Media Circle

Recently, I started following someone I know IRL on Instagram and this person is killing it. They've got followers and this whole beautifully curated life on social media. 

And at first, I I'm a complete failure. Look at their following, look at their pictures, look at this image they've created. 

And that's when it hit me: it's just an image. It's NOT real life. Because in this case, I know what this person's life looks like and they're just like me! So instead of letting that make me feel bad about myself or my own "social media presence", I suddenly felt happy. 

Happy to see that social media is, in fact, NOT REAL LIFE. It's a highlight reel, a brand image, a different version of self, whatever you want to call it but it is not the full picture. There is so much more that we're not seeing.

It's one small piece of whatever beautiful tapestry we want to weave that represents our lives. It's as real or staged as we want it to be, and that's totally fine. 

The danger lies in us forgetting that it's not everything. 

Despite how perfect or interesting someone's life looks, that is not their entire life. We are all wonderfully complex beings with so many layers to our lives, our personalities, our day to day interactions. 

And there is something so unifying in that for me. Seeing a different version of someone I know allowed me to remember that we are multidimensional. 

We are all much, much more than a picture on a screen.