Fighter Stats

  • Name: Taylor Guido

  • Kickboxing record: 5 Wins - 1 Loss - 0 Draw

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu medals: 2 Gold - 0 Silver - 0 Bronze

  • Biggest Goal: To compete on an international level

  • Biggest Struggle: Staying caaaaalm

My Why: The year leading up to my first encounter with fighting was one of the most difficult and painful times of my life. I was 3,000 miles away from my home of Augusta, GA, living alone in San Jose, CA, stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship and struggling to make enough money to even buy food. I had completely lost hope in myself. I was depressed, alone, afraid and felt completely powerless.

Fighting has helped me find myself and find joy in life again. I no longer feel powerless. After a lifetime of abandonment, eating disorders, self-hate, anxiety and depression, I finally feel strong and confident in who I am and who I want to be. God has used all the pain in my life to bring me to this point; my goal is to honor the gifts He’s given me and pursue this talent to the fullest. 

Coming from an athletic background, I took to boxing and kickboxing naturally. This is by far the most challenging sport I have ever encountered--physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s made me take control of my life; no one forces me to practice, to push myself to the limit, to sweat for hours a day and voluntarily get kicked and punched. Fighting has taught me that I have two choices in life: to lay down and give up in moments of suffering or stand up and fight for your own happiness.

And I've decided to fight.


Newbreed Tournament:

Gold Medalist 2017


IKF East Coast Classic Champion 2016